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Inaugural speech by Rt. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 June 2009

ImageRt. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal inaugurated the Regional High-level Meeting on Rain Water Harvesting at Soaltee Hotel on June 28, 2009.

Chairperson of this Program,
Ministers, Heads of Delegations and Participants from Friendly Countries,
Members of Parliament,
Senior Government Officials,
Esteemed Friends,
Media Representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am delighted to inaugurate this important two-day regional meeting and share ideas with friends from our country and abroad. I take this opportunity to specially welcome delegates who have come here to take part in this program and wish you all a pleasant and memorable stay in Nepal.

Nepal has been passing through momentous political changes during the last three years. The Historic People's Movement (Jana Andolan-II), signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement, successful conclusion of historic Constituent Assembly elections, promulgation of the Interim Constitution and declaration of Nepal as a Federal Democratic Republic are major developments that have played vital role in our political transformation. I am happy to note that we, ourselves personally have been intimately connected with these epoch-making changes.

For my Government that has taken office recently. There are three fundamental priorities. These include taking the peace process to its realistic end, drafting a new Constitution within the stipulated timeframe and addressing rising aspirations of the people for bringing about socio-economic transformation of the country with greater use of our resources in an atmosphere of improved law and order.

My Government is keen to develop broad understanding with major political parties in the country to fulfill these objectives of pressing national importance in order to take the country out of the state of political transition that has prevailed for quite some time. I take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to countries and international organizations that have extended valuable support to us in our endeavors for democracy, peace, human rights, rule of law and development. On foreign policy, the Government is committed to continue to further promote our mutually beneficial and co-operative relations with friendly countries and particularly our neighbors.

Coming to the specific subject, organizing a regional meeting on rain water harvesting in Nepal is very relevant in the context of the fact that water shortage has become a global phenomenon. The adverse impact of climate change that has now become a focal area of recent trend of international relations is going to affect us particularly the poor and developing countries. Even in a limited context of our country, we have been facing serious difficulty in getting minimum level of water for our daily use even in our urban areas. Besides, paucity of safe drinking water is a pressing problem in many parts of Nepal particularly in the remote rural areas of our country.

The utilization of rain water as a renewable source is very important in the context of our growing requirements. Especially in a country with such a diverse topography, inhospitable terrains and scattered settlements, use of rain water for daily use is probably a very feasible and convenient option. If planned properly, rain water that is mostly wasted so far promises to be a viable source of water supply in hills and urban areas and lessens the problem of water scarcity. We have immense probabilities of collecting, preserving and using water from the rain.

As we are among the countries receiving very high annual degree of rainfall, optimum use of rain water will significantly augment our per capita reach and consumption of water. Besides, this will have positive impact in saving the country from ecological disasters and loss of lives and properties because of recurring floods. Improved access to drinking water through the use of comparatively safe rain water will also bring relief to a large section of our population that spends time and energy in getting drinking water and promote improvements in sanitation and health. 

Dear Friends,

To cope with our situation, the Government of Nepal has been putting all possible efforts to meet the daunting task of providing access to safe water to all citizens by 2017. This is a big challenge as our traditional and conventional sources of water have either totally dried up or are facing severe shortage. The process of global warming and challenges of climatic changes with their potentially disastrous effect on melting of snow in Himalayas which is the source of river system of South Asia and even a part of Central Asia, is a great challenge.

In view of these difficult problems, the countries in the region have no other option than join hands in making concerted efforts to promote co-operation in tapping rain water for our multiple benefits. We should pool our resources, strategies, technical know-how and investments on ways and means of meeting the diverse needs of water in densely populated urban clusters, rural inhabitations and far-flung remote areas. Let us co-operate in this task through the use of our available resources and external assistance to improve the quality of life of our people.

While my Government attaches significant importance to this regional meeting, we are confident that experts and professionals will come out with workable solutions and recommendations in terms of suitable technology and appropriate management of rain water harvesting. I assure you that my Government will give due importance to your valuable recommendations.

I wish the program all success.

Thank you very much.

Madhav Kumar Nepal
Prime Minister of Nepal
June 28, 2009

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