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"Education and awareness is must to improve water and sanitation situation in the country. If we failed to deploy all state mechanisms...."

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi
Minister, Ministry of Local Development 


Traditional Water Sources

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Profile - Guthi


Guthi, a social organisation, is constituted for the integrated community development of Nepal. It comprises of a group of self-motivated youths from various professional backgrounds. They work at guthi as volunteers as part of their social responsibility. They work with a belief that their joint effort can bring a change in the society and in the country.

When we talk about sustainable development in this 21st century, its not just about power and money .There are many more agendas that we need to take into accounts. We need to consider our local social structures, our rich traditional and cultural values, environment etc. People, specially the young generation, need to be made aware of this fact. They are the ones who will carry forward this and ensure its sustainable perpetuation.


  • Guthi provides the platform to the youths from the various walks of life to explore their innovative ideas and at the same time serve the community.
  • It ensures the community development through the preservation of cultural heritage, conservation of environment, effective delivery of public health services, pragmatic research based advocacy via efficient mass communication.
  • It envisages blending the youth power station aided with technological advancement in its effort.
  • It emphasises on decentralization with maximum mobilization of the locals and concerned people.
  • It aims to create a network of community of experts and organisations including government exchanging their experiences, policies and solutions. Guthi believes that this will expedite in achieving the targeted goals.

Fields of work

The areas of fields that can be work are infinite. But we have identified following fields where we love to work for:

  • Strengthening and decentralization of local authorities
  • Education with a space to non-formal or alternative education
  • Raising public voices on water, sanitation and environmental  problems
  • Raising awareness on reuse of bio-degradable and other wastes
  • Rendering services for the improvement of public health
  • Raising public awareness campaigns to preserve and conserve natural and cultural heritages
  • Working for rights of women, children, indigenous people and Dalits
  • Developing a resource centre and advocacy on the above mentioned issues for the concerned authorities

Programmes & Activities       

Sahalaha Daboo – a public discussion forum

Guthi also regularly organises a public discussion forum on different hot topics. Government officials, experts, activists are welcome to bring their issues to the floor. The audience can raise questions of their interests and sensitize the issue from different angles.

Special Classes for underprivileged public school children

Guthi has been conducting classes for the poor students from government schools regularly. In these classes, besides the academic courses, students are taught on different topics such cultural and social issues, environment, IT. Experts from various fields are brought to impart knowledge on their specialized fields. This has helped a lot in broadening the knowledge base of the students on variety of fields. Students are also taken to different places to experience for themselves the real world scenarios.

“Pratyush” – a monthly children’s newsletter

Guthi is also regularly publishing children’s newsletter named 'Pratyush' .It’s content ranges from elaborate academic materials, our rich cultural and traditional heritage, and student literature to different relevant topics. It has turned out to be very informative, helpful and popular not only among the students but also a must read paper by the teachers and guardians.

Rain Water Harvesting Campaign

Scarcity of water in the Kathmandu Valley is not a new problem. Some alternative sources of water than the supply of Nepal Water Supply Corporation is very important to sustain life in many parts of the Valley. Rain water can be a good alternative water source in Kathmandu as there is enough rainfall during many months of year. Therefore, Guthi has organized interaction programmes in different parts of Kathmandu to aware civil society and housewives about the technology of rain water harvesting. Similarly, trainings on rain water harvesting technology are organized for engineers, plumbers and technicians so that interested people can install the technology to meet their water demands.

Domestic Tourism Promotion programme

Nepal is famous for its cultural diversity. Kathmandu is also rich in cultural activities and festivals. Guthi organizes visit programmes to different places for live experience of festivals and cultural activities in the Valley. This helps to promote development of local market in such places as well as informs people about the activities.

Media Network

Communication is essential for rendering proper information to the public. Media have important role in information dissemination and assist in social development. In this context, GUTHI has created a network for disseminating correct information to public through various media.

Web Portal

GUTHI hosts a web portal for better information dissemination. It encourages and provides space to other organizations also in its web portal.

Fund Raising

GUTHI organizes various fund raising activities like charity programmes, production and sale of T- shirts for noble social causes like helping the destitute, alternative education to poor and destitute school children. 

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