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"Education and awareness is must to improve water and sanitation situation in the country. If we failed to deploy all state mechanisms...."

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi
Minister, Ministry of Local Development 


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Profile - Resource Centre Network Nepal (RCNN)


Resource Centre Network Nepal (RCNN) is a loose network of national and international NGOs in Nepal aiming to facilitate knowledge sharing by information collection and dissemination to promote and improve water supply and sanitation services at community, district and national levels. It has been supported by International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC), Netherlands since 2003.

The specific objectives of the WATSAN-RCNN are to:

  • Encourage national and district level Resource Centres (RC) to develop into recognized and viable organizations.
  • Strengthen the information and knowledge management capacity of RCN Nepal to provide quality information products and services to district and community level users.
  • Mobilise resources for continued RC networking, capacity building at district level to accelerate increased sustainable and equitable access to water supply and adequate sanitation through effective information and knowledge sharing.

Development process
With the aim of assessing the existing status of information flow in the sector and the willingness of the sector stakeholders to develop a WATSAN-RCN in Nepal. NEWAH with the support of IRC, International Water and Sanitation Center (IRC), the Netherlands in collaboration with Integrated Development Society (IDS-Nepal) initiated the following activities in 2002. From April 2003 onwards, following activities have been undertaken as concerted efforts of all WATSAN-RCNN Members:

  • A series of workshop at national level and various assessments such as water sector assessment (institutional); information needs assessment at regional and; district level.
  • Development of the WATSAN-RCNN through the formation of task force at national level to lead the process; defining RC’s roles and objectives; preparation of action plan for development phase and implementation.
  • Initiation of the WATSAN-RCN Nepal and the signing of a MoU amongst network members regarding information sharing and promotion to use the shared information and knowledge.
  • A number of activities were undertaken to move towards the development of concrete products of the WATSAN-RCNN and to strengthen its capacity. For instance, awareness creation/ consensus building about information management and sharing at organizational level of RCN members; preparation of joint proposal for EU; strategic planning workshop; participation in RCD Facilitators Workshop in Kerela (India); WATSAN-RCNN-IRC workshop on Nepal Water Portal.
  • Information products (Blue pages, inventory of resources, poster on water purification option, Leaflet and poster on Tubewells spare parts, Tele Drama “Jalpari”, Life Skill Based Sanitation Training Manual, Information through wash newsletter, database and water portal) have been produced and distributed.
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