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"Education and awareness is must to improve water and sanitation situation in the country. If we failed to deploy all state mechanisms...."

Top Bahadur Rayamajhi
Minister, Ministry of Local Development 


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Profile - Centre For Integrated Urban Development (CIUD)

An Introduction

In the process of human evolution, cities have emerged as dynamic and vibrant centres and Asia has been facing the most dramatic of changes. In Nepal the pace is so high that the urban population is estimated to double in 10 years even if the present urbanisation rate is checked. And this urbanisation, like everywhere else, is coming with a cost. The rate of urbanisation exceeding the efforts to manage them has brought unprecedented challenges.

CIUD, a Civic Society Organization has therefore been brought into existence in the year 2002 to set the stage for an organization capable in mobilizing resources, conducting study and research on various urban issues and aspects. It has been working vigorously for sustainable urban solutions to support and compliment government's effort as well as its own initiative to tackle urban challenges. To accomplish the aims set, CIUD has been working in proximity with the municipalities by complementing each other and working as partner organizations where necessary and at the heart of its policy is the community participation.

CIUD has been mainly focusing on the following working areas so as to reach it aim to develop the urban sector and face the new challenges brought by urbanization -

  • Community Based Urban Management
  • Sustainable Development of Poor Settlement
  • Mapping the Poor
  • Disaster Management
  • Research for Sustainable Development

The Story So Far

The new trends of urbanization has since long entailed a major reorientation of national development approach. Unfortunately, in Nepal, with its highly rural-biased policies, the Government has instigated very few sporadic initiations in this direction. The conventional top-down limited resource allocation has resulted these engines of growth into dismays of civilisation. Due to the absence of proper planning, implementation and enforcement, the limited land and other resources of this already poor country have lodged into unsustainable and inequitable uses. The deteriorating urban environment- pollution, crime and congestions are the manifestation of the inadequate and delayed response. Urban poor have been the obvious and direct victims of this dilemma.

CIUD, since its establishment, has been making various efforts to bridge the gap that the government sector alone has failed to address. The main areas of intervention have been Community Water Resource Management (CWRM), Sustainable Development of the Poor, Conserving Heritage, Traffic Management and Managing Solid Waste among others. By implementing its strong ITC system and with the help of its team formed by scholars of various fields, CIUD is moving ahead towards building a strong and sound urban society.

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