About Us


NGO Forum for Urban Water & Sanitation is a forum of civil society organizations active in water supply policy reforms, policy analysis of water, sanitation and other relevant issues. NGO Forum conducts researches on different aspects of urban water and sanitation issues which form strong basis of its advocacy activities. It also shares the research findings in addition to engaging the stakeholders in consultations, debates and policy dialogues for better policy influence.


“An open and dynamic society; in which all people have access to safe, adequate water and sanitation services in harmony with a healthy environment”


The mission of the forum is to ensure that the water supply and sanitation services of the cities are improved in a manner that ensures;
I. Equity of access, especially among the poor
II. Long term performance and sustainability of water supply and sanitation utilities
III. Enhanced environment in urban areas


1. Advocate for equal and enhanced access to safe and sustainable water and sanitation services in general and urban poor in particular
2. Promote information/knowledge sharing among members and partners for collective actions
3. To advocate for good governance in water supply and sanitation at community, city and national level
4. Empower civil society groups to amplify their collective voices on WatSan to influence policy decisions
5. Facilitate the preservation and promotion of indigenous knowledge and culture of water resource management and sanitation practices
6. To strengthen collaboration with local, national and international organizations having similar objectives
7. Develop understanding on the disaster risks and climate change issues in relation to water and sanitation and assist in preparation of adequate responses