Pipes laid along 350 km to bring Melamchi water
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Sunday, 12 June 2016


Melamchi PipelineKATHMANDU: Pipes have been laid down in the Kathmandu Valley along the total stretch of 350 km for the distribution of drinking water to be supplied after the completion of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.
It is the half of the total length of the pipeline to be installed in the Valley.

Similarly, of the total 61 km stretch of pipeline to be installed for the retail distribution of drinking water, pipes have been laid along only 22 km as of now, according to the Project Implementation Directorate (PID) under the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Project (KUKL).

“The Kalika Constructions Company is undertaking the installation of water supply pipe for retail distribution for drinking water from Sundarijal-Arubari-Mahankal whereas the India’s Jindal Company has been assigned for the same for Mahankal-Chuchepati section,” shared PID Chief Tiresh Prasad Khatri.
He added that the experimentation in the 9.5-km water supply pipeline along the Sundarijal-Arubari-Mahankal section will be carried out within a week.
Meanwhile, the Mahankal-Chuchepati-Chabahil road section has been disrupted due to the delay in pipeline installation.

Local Santosh Ghimire commented that the contractor has been taking more than a month to install merely 500 metres of pipe, leaving the dug road as it is.
As a result, the traffic and mobility in these areas have been facing hardship, particularly during the rainfall.

PID Chief Khatri attributed the delay to the delay in the supply of the pipes from China.
The Melamchi Drinking Water Project is expected to bring 170 million litre water to the Kathmandu Valley after filtering it in Sundarijal Water Treatment.
The distribution of drinking water under this Project is expected to start from May 2017.

Source: The Himalayan Times , 11 June 2016